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Jul 27, 2011· The reputable manufacturers I know all think their machine is the "best" – and they should: They're excellent engineers and machinists who take pride in their designs and workmanship – and what their machines do. That's why there are actually several creative interpretations of "best" – both in cars and in faceting machines.

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The North Puget Sound Faceting Guild is a non‐profit organization focusing on the faceting of crystals to make gemstones and promotion of related interests. Our general service area is the North Puget Sound region of Washington State, North of Seattle. Membership, however, is open to anyone with an active interest in faceting and finished gemstones regardless of their place of residence.

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More homemade lapidary equipment plans can be found at Agatehouse ... And if you want to make your own castings for machinery you probably need to build a cupola ... Middletown, CT 06457 (800-243-7163), makes ultraviolet lights, diamond products and gem finishing equipment, Faceting machines and accessories, and metal finishing equipment. Roc

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Jun 09, 2014· I have an old friend that is a big rock hound. He wants me to build him a faceting machine for gem work. I am thinking about the challenge of making a good machine as I type this. After doing some research, seeing the cheap cheesy, and the …

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A faceting machine is broadly defined as any device that allows the user to place and polish facets onto a mineral specimen. Machines can range in sophistication from primitive jamb-peg machines to highly refined, and highly expensive, commercially available machines.

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May 02, 2010· In my quest for a budget faceting machine I came across these plans. Can forum members please pass opinion on whether this looks like a reasonable beginners machine? I have a small lathe with simple milling slide, but it would still be a complex job for me to complete. (Here is a link to the PDF plans)

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Graves Faceting Machine Probably more people have learned or failed to learn to cut on a Graves faceting machine than almost any other machine in the last few decades. That being said the Graves machine is not a faceting machine that I recommend buying. Think of the Graves faceting machine as the "Yugo" of faceting machines.


Welcome to the web home of Poly-Metric Instruments, Inc. Poly-Metric is an innovative world leader in gemstone cutting and polishing know as "Faceting". These instruments are now being used by fine crafts people in the artistic glass industry as well. We hope …

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Her son, Jeff Jarvi, looked them over and said he could build the faceting machinery, so in 1980, Jarvi Tool, LLC added a second division that is now Facetron. 1982 - Australia - VJ Faceting Machine The VJ Faceting Machine was originally designed in Rockhampton Qld …

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Dec 22, 2013· Want to Build Your Own Faceting Machine. Old magazines are a goldmine of information but imagine my surprise when I came across this? The Popular Mechanics Feb 1971 issue had an article entitled "Make Your Own Faceting Machine" and here it is in full.. It's not exactly the easiest looking home project, but hey, if you've got the time and inclination, go for it.

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Building your own faceting machine is a challenge but it can be done. You need to be able to make parts using a lathe and milling machine. I used a table top Sherline lathe with a milling attachment. With a light touch and care I was able to deal with some very large chunks of metal.

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Faceting Gems. Making anything more exotic than tumbled stones has been (up until now) not for the faint of heart or light of pocket. Even the simplest faceted stone requires the investment of several thousand dollars in a commercial faceting machine.

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Note: This is a six-part edited version of Trevor Hannam's Faceting Made Easy, a general introduction to faceting and a guide for learning to cut a standard brilliant gem.Part 2 covers Chapters 2, 3, and 4. These chapters cover the faceting machines and other equipment beginners need to get started.

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The picture above shows the faceter set up for right hand operation. The machine can be set up for a left hand person simply by turning the base around, and installing the water pot post in the other available threaded hole. You will notice on the faceting head a notched plastic disc covering the 96 tooth gear.

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May 02, 2018· All faceting units I have seen utilize a horizontal, tabletop type of surface. For many lapidary jobs this set up is good, but in faceting, especially when faceting jamb peg style, where working-by-eye is all important, the low horizontal surface restricts vision badly.

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Feb 14, 2017· To save money and for the freedom of creativity I decided to build my own faceting head with my CNC milling machine and some other tools. Have a look! More details and information you can find on ...

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Faceting Machine Accessories For over 60 years Graves Company has been manufacturing the finest faceting equipment in the world. We take pride in providing cost effective equipment that still allows you to create any faceting design you can come up with.

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Shaping - How facets are placed on a gemstone, and how a rough stone is cut into a certain shape. Polishing – After a stone is shaped, how facets are polished. In this tutorial, these procedures are explained as well as a brief description of a faceting machine and a diagram. Faceting Machine

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The polishing of precision-cut gems isn't just for professionals with access to vast machine shops full of equipment. While faceting equipment can run into the thousands of dollars, it is possible to create your own machine at home for a fraction of that cost. The basic parts of your faceting machine …

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FUNDAMENTAL FACETING. a 32 page illustrated instruction book and basic primer covers faceting for the beginner. Faceting and the Graves machine are covered in-depth. Includes information on gem selection, critical angles for faceting as well as details on grinding and polishing.

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Oct 29, 2015· For those interested in building their own faceting machine, complete instructions for a very solid home-built machine can be found at Jon Rolfe's website. Note: Thanks to Doug Miller for donating a large portion of the information on this webpage.

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FACETING MACHINE ULTRA TEC V2 GEMSTONE GEM LAPIDARY. Very Lightly used in Great Condition. Comes with Ultra Tec Dop Transfer Fixture and 45 Degree Tabling adaptor tool, Drip tank, Drain hose and prod...

Anyone have plans for building a gem faceting machine?

Aug 31, 2009· I would like to build a gem faceting machine because I can't seem to find an affordable price used one anywhere. Anyone got or seen any do-it-yourself plans for one? Thanks in advance! MJB. This is a home shopish project ??? It may not be a huge device but it would have to be rigid, accurate, and have multiple axes.

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Sep 03, 2018· I have two faceting machines, one I bought and one I built myself. I installed optical encoder protractors on both machines as written in Tom Herbst's book Amateur Gemstone Faceting. After he saw photos of my homebuilt machine he urged me to do a write-up of it's construction as he thought it might be of interest to other factors.

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Once I receive your gemstone rough I will begin the process. I use an Ultra Tec faceting machine (one of the finest available) I take great pride in doing precise work. I treat each gem as if it were mine and facet it with excellent meets, and polish. Photos below are gemstones faceted by yours truly.

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Sep 09, 2014· A Faceting Academy quick-answer video to an on-line question about home made faceting machines. Skip navigation ... Home Made Faceting Machine ... Faceting gemstones: cutting a huge gem 2 ...

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Facters Edge carries the most complete selection of faceting machines, polishing laps and tools from the leading manufacturers. If you can find it, let us know! A proud dealer of Ultra Tec Faceting Machines and Gearloose Laps. ... Gearloose Laps and tools for gemstone cutting!

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The Facetron is a high quality precision machine for faceting gemstones. All our machines are manufactured in the United States ensuring the superior workmanship of this machine sets the Facetron apart from all other faceting machines. Learn more about how the many features of the Facetron enable it to cut quality gemstones.